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Monday, October 17, 2016

Indochina Solo Trip Overland Part 8 (Final): Hatyai-Padang Besar-Perlis-Penang-home!


Malaysia, do u miss me? Hehehe I'm coming hoooomeeee

Charyl Chappuis, Malaysian girls heartthrob few years ago.

Pretty :)

I saw 2 uncles in the shuttle train so I asked them, where should I sit since there's no seat number. They told me to sit wherever I like. Since its Monday, not so many people in the train. The uncle asked me, am I alone,where I come from etc. He seems shocked when I told him I just got back from Bangkok and Cambodia. There's one Chinese guy there,I think he's about my age. We immediately immersed into conversation about travelling.

The guy is from Baling, he speaks excellent Malay. Yeah, you can hardly find Chinese speak good Malay, they prefer to speak English.He said he prefers to speak Malay rather than English, he doesn't like Malay people to speak English with him haha. So rare. He loves to study about culture, I feel ashamed hearing his story. He even studied about how Malay language in Malaysia is different than in Indonesia. Apparently the other uncle is Indonesian,so everyone can blend into the conversation huhu.

The guy showed me his passport then, haha,it so full. I showed him too, feeling inferior but there's actually few places that he didn't go yet. He asked me if I have a blog, dan cakap bagus, u should write about your journey. I hope he won't find my blog haha.

The immigration process is very simple,just need to scan my bag and the passport checking as usual. They will take another train to Butterworth while I'm planning another trip, in Perlis. By the way,its my first time to Perlis actually. Haha,shame on me. Now only left Kelantan and Terengganu in my list to set my foot in.

On my way to Padang Besar town from the train station.

Welcome to Perlis :)

I want to withdraw some money,actually since I have none in my purse. I mean, no Ringgit Malaysia at all. Sobssss. There's a Maybank ATM nearby so I just walked there. Its so good to be back in Malaysia because I'm quite addicted to Internet actually, haha. I can update my FB status easily now hehe. I planned to take a bus to Penang, but I need to go to Kangar first. I met a UNIMAP student waiting for bus,so I asked him about the bus. Meanwhile, I messaged my Perlis friend in case he can show me around. Luckily he's online. Oooops he's a he. No speculation please haha.

He asked me to wait for him, luckily its public holiday,so he's willing to be my driver. 

Sementara tunggu tu,ada la sorang pakcik makcik ni tunggu jugak kat situ. Makcik tu orang Pattani kot,dari slang dia tu,lagipun tak lama pastu kawan dia datang,diorang cakap siam. So aku saja la sembang dengan dia. Dia tanya umur berapa,bila nak kawin. Pffffffft pastu kawan aku pun datang. Lega haha.

First we went to a restaurant to have a lunch. Ah I miss Malaysian food! Forgot to take a picture of it, hahahaha. Then I told him that I want to bathe, I have my last bath in Bangkok about 28hours before hahaha. So he brought me to Gua Kelam.

A good way to bathe hahaha

Paddy field everywhere, these birds are migratory birds.
Entrance, need to pay RM1 to enter Gua Kelam,another RM1 for parking.


My friend said, this cave used to be the medium for smugglers in old days. I don't know if he's just joking or what. This cave has enough lighting so there's no bat. I think its pretty sad actually for a cave without the bats.

There's few trails can be explored,but I didn't haha.

After that we went to this Kuala Perlis bridge. A little bit same with Kampung Ayer in Brunei hehe. Nice.

Its a race! Huhu

Kuala Perlis jetty,for people going to Langkawi. Before I took ferry from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi, it takes longer time to reach Langkawi than from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi.

Kangar 0 km, I never knew there's a signage like this in Malaysia haha. Nice.

Perlis is a small state, so I can say that I already toured whole state in one day hehehe. One scary fact I got from my friend. There is no mountain range in Perlis, like in Perak,Selangor and Pahang we got Titiwangsa Range. So hills in Perlis are scattered. And there's paddy fields everywhere. Thus hills in Perlis got many snakes. Since there's the only place the snakes can go to. Arghhhhhh I feel chilly when he told me that. Grrr

I took commuter from Arau to Butterworth, costs me RM9.50, my friend said its cheaper than the bus,and faster. We went to bus station but there's no bus going to Sungai Nibong that day,so commuter is the only option to go to Penang. I have to stand the whole journey T___T

My backpack became heavier because of my wet clothes,aiyooo menyesal mandi kat Gua Kelam tadi, and from the train station I need to walk to ferry terminal,its all connected but quite far, its still under construction so I think in the future u dont need to walk too far like I did. The ferry fare is RM1.20, no increase since the last time I took it. And from ferry terminal I need to take a bus to Bukit Gedong. for RM3 - 4. Sighhhh so many transfers.

I reached my house in Bayan Lepas about 10 pm haha. Very longgggg journey. 

Total budget:

Cambodia & Vietnam- $150 (RM625)- rate: $1=RM4.17
Thailand & Laos- 4500 baht (RM540)- got balance 30baht
Malaysia- RM20
Flight Penang-KL-Phnom Penh (1 way)- RM150

Total: RM1335

So where do I go next? Hehehehe

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