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Monday, October 17, 2016

Indochina Solo Trip Overland Part 7: Thailand (Bangkok-Hatyai)


I have a mixed feeling during my journey to Bangkok... My trip is going to end soon..and its not solo anymore haha. I'm craving for tomyam too haha. I didn't take proper meal throughout my solo trip. I don't know why, I'm a big eater actually. I think because I'm tired,so I prefer sleeping than eat haha.

I took night train in Malaysia for few times when I was a student, its quite the same view and feeling. 

Quite few times some train staff stopped by at my seat, asking for my foot. Haha. Another staff asked me am i Muslim. I just understand the word Muslim from his long sentence huhu.

In Thailand they still need to wait for train crossing.

Quite scary view, haha. So close!

U can take boat taxi through this canal.

I reached Bangkok and confused since there are no announcement and indication that I already reached Bangkok. So I asked the grandma, Hua Lomphong? She said Hua Lomphong yes, yes. If u meant fot this train station,u need to bear in mind that they called it Hua Lomphong, not Bangkok train station.

This taxi driver offered to take picture for me. I paid 200baht to go to Samran Place. Expensive,but I just want to get there quickly. It took about 30minutes I think. 

Sampai2 kat receptionist, I tanya diorang dok bilik mana. Ingat nak surprise kan diorang,tapi receptionist tu call diorang cakap aku dah sampai haha. Feel nice to meet friends after being solo for a week. Haha. Sampai2 depan pintu aku ketuk pintu dan sebut "room service" haha.

They told me to rest first while they went to shopping. Yeah,its a shopping trip. I dont really favor shopping, but its ok. At least I can spend some time with friends. I tried to watch TV but its all in Siamese so I choose to sleep. I woke up around 11.30am, checked my phone and then Bab called me to get ready. She told me to turn right from our hotel until I reached a flyover and turn right again. OK.

So I followed her instruction while feeling confused. The flyover is too far even I can see from our hotel. I walked for about 20minutes or more,and I couldn't see the shop signage.I asked around they asked me to go straight,but its getting further from the hotel. I don't think Bab like walking too much, so I feel doubtful haha. So I turned back about 20minutes more, I got some sms from Bab but I cant reply to her. So I just can walk, if I can't find it I will just get back to our hotel then.

And then, I saw Zai outside of one shop. Haha, I'm very assured now that Bab has given me wrong instruction. So Bab treated me 100baht for her mistake hahaha. It feels nice to have proper lunch,rice and all. And my beloved one,iced tea hahaha.

Going to Chinatown

Their bus is pink color, so jambu haha. Above there is MRT@BTS station. Their transportation system is quite good in Bangkok. U have plenty of choices so its convenient for tourists too.

Not so much stories in Bangkok, except for the food haha. That night we went to the Farida Fatornee again, to taste the tomyam. My stomach doesn't feel good so I didn't quite enjoyed it. Bab is quite fussy about food taste, and the tomyam could satisfy her,so I think its really good. Perut aku je problem masa tu,macam bergelodak gitu.

For Gemok, the blue thing at the back is my Barca jersey haha.


We went to Chatuchak market today. Its really BIGGGGGG,so many choices, I already bought a jersey and a cap yesterday so I didn't buy anything except for fruits. I directly went to train station to go back to Malaysia after return from Chatuchak. Its 735 baht, soft seat with A/C. I took moto taxi for 60 baht to Hua Lomphong.

Only 1 bad thing happened during my journey to Hatyai, my "best friend" came to visit! argggggh luckily it didn't came with menstrual cramp since its so cold in the train and I ate nothing that day except for fruits.

It took about 16 hours to Hatyai,and I have to buy shuttle train ticket to Padang Besar. I made a mistake actually,since I can buy a ticket directly to Padang Besar, its sleeper class and just cost about 850++ to Padang Besar. Hmm.

There is one funny scene in my train journey. The staff asked me something, and I'm blurred. Then he asked me and I only understand the word "medai thai", I replied medai haha. I don't know what he's talking about but I replied medai haha.


I reached Hatyai and bought a ticket to Padang Besar.Its 70 baht. I found something at Hatyai Train Station. Train Hotel! I thought its nearby but actually its in the train station building itself haha. I bought some food from a Muslim hawker at the train station for breakfast while waiting for my train.

I suddenly in the middle of hawkers' fight. They were throwing things, and cursing. Everyone's looking at them. The woman who started the fight need to be calmed by others,so do the other guy. Both of them sold drink,I thought that may be the reason hmmm. #kepochi detected haha

To be continued...

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