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Monday, October 17, 2016

Indochina Solo Trip Overland Part 6: Thailand & Laos (Nong Khai-Vientiane-Nong Khai-Bangkok)

From Part 5...


I woke up quite early.. Ingat boleh tidur sampai checkout time since I didn't get proper sleep the day before but apparently hmm huhu. My covered foot is swollen already, ahh this is bad. My friends, Bab and Zai will come to Bangkok today. I told them I need to go to Vientiane before joining them in Bangkok. But I hardly could walk that time hmm. They will reach Bangkok in the afternoon,about 2-3pm. I have to subscribe to roaming today so that I can be in contact with them. Its RM10 per day for Maxis. And I need to ask my brother to pay for my car installment.

Time flew fast, around 12pm I prayed first before checkout. It will be hard to find a proper place to do it later. The hotel worker,maybe the owner came knocking the door asking if I want to stay another day. He seems angry huhu. Sorry, I took longer time to move due to my foot condition hmmm.

Pulang kunci,dia cakap nak tengok bilik dulu. Nervous I. Nasib tak kena pape.

Then I dunno where to go. I couldn't walk properly and my backpack weight is killing me huhu. So I choose to stay at the lobby first. I can stay another night to rest, but I think its a waste of time. I need to get to Bangkok asap. The owner did came to me asking where I want to go,are you waiting for someone etc. Should I tell him,I'm waiting for my foot to heal hahahah.

So about 4pm, I walked to the border. Its very near to the border actually. I just need to walk about 200m or so,and turn right,from there you can see the border already. There are many tuktuks,taxis etc there. I just walked and one security guard greet me. Apparently he can speak Malay. And told me where to go. One good thing for being Malay speaker, we don't expect to meet another Malay speakers far from home (its more than 38hours by train from Malaysia border to here so yeah,its far right?haha) as frequent as how you can meet English speakers. I went to Hatyai before and we were having a hard time searching for direction since all signboards are in Siamese and we couldn't find any Malay or English speakers. By the way, there are Malays all over the world, and Malay is the third or fourth highest spoken in the world #ohmyenglish.

So I filled in immigration card, and I need to pay 55baht before I can enter Laos. Its overtime fee, since its already 4.05pm at that time. Arghhh, wrong timing. I think all the formalities took about 5-10minutes, and then I bought bus ticket to cross the Thai-Laos Friendship bridge,it costs me 15 baht. I need to stand in the bus with many other girls, I saw many guys are sitting hmmm, luckily its just about 10 minutes or so,but I already labelled the Southeast Asia guys are non-gentlemen haha. I could find them in Malaysia too, we got a special cabin for women and there are always men in there. I don't know what is their problem,maybe they can't read.

I need to go through immigration process at Lao side,about 5-10 minutes too. Then I found a taxi driver, offered to take me to Buddha Park and back for 400baht. I saw a big tuktuk, I think its a pickup lorry, offered to take me for 15000 kip. The taxi driver offered me 300 baht, and I agreed. The pickup driver cursed at me, I don't understand their language of course,but I know its a curse,so I looked back at him with angry expression and immediately he stopped. Haha

Of course I opt for cheaper price,but I need to take the 7.25pm train to Bangkok,so I need to rush. If my foot not swollen I might be already in the train to Bangkok hmm.

Laos is same with Vietnam and Cambodia,drive on the right side. Their taxi is Hyundai Elantra or something.

Mekong again *love*

Laos and Nong Khai separated by Mekong, u can take the land transport like I did,or take a boat. I heard it takes longer time for immigration process.

Lao children

Buddha Park,Laos (about 20km from Vientiane town)

My only purpose coming to Laos,haha. Entrance fee is 20-25baht (sorry lupa), it closed 5.30pm I think. I got about 30minutes here before it closed.

Don't eat me!!!

Like a special hat haha

Finally I got a good photo of it haha

Mind to translate?

Mekong is just behind, there is another "Buddha Park" across Mekong,its called Sala Keaw Ku,in Nong Khai of course hehe.

Bye bye, there got a souvenir shop,unfortunately no fridge magnet sold huhu

The border,bye2 Laos.

I have to pay 50baht at immigration plus 15baht bus. This time I got a seat. There was an old white man with his girlfriend/wife, he kept cursing in the bus. Bas ni buruk sikit dari pergi tadi, dan slow. Since Thailand is driving-at-left-side country like Malaysia, there got caution signage about this at the border. From the border, I took a moto taxi to train station for 100 baht. Actually he offered me a tuktuk ride, then he changed his mind and took moto instead. But its not fortunate for me cause he ride so fast (mat rempit kot haha),I feel like thrown to the back with my heavy backpack.

They were playing their national song when I got here, thus all standing straight at the back. I didn't know at first,but once I notice it. I guess I need to respect and stand straight too. Thais are very patriotic,so this is common.

I quickly went to the counter, saw the fare table and quickly choose the cheapest one-255 baht.

You cross the rail road on the piece of wood.

Restaurant coach

My coach-the cheapest one.

Not many people in the coach so its comfortable enough to lay down haha


This family of a grandma and her grandchildren, I took ablution and the grandma asked me something, I didn't know what she's talking. I just made a hand gesture showing that I want to pray. And I think she told his grandchildren to keep quiet and don't disturb me.

Later there's a beautiful girl came towards me, the grandma said something to her,I think she told the girl that I'm foreigner because then the girl speak in English with me. I think she's a student,want to borrow my USB cable but apparently she used Iphone. Hmm Iphone users dilemma,everything cannot share...

The journey took about 11 hours, we were scheduled to arrive in Bangkok about 6 am. 

My foot getting better,maybe because of  a lot of walking haha. Until then, I want to sleep.........

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