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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Indochina Solo Trip Overland Part 4: Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam

I think this is just a short entry,since I reach Vietnam late and didn't plan to go anywhere. Yeah many recommends Chu Chi Tunnel,and I saw many ads about the tour, I even did some conversion calculations in my head to compare the prices, but still, I didn't go hahaha. So this must be the most boring part in my trip. Is it? Haha we'll see.


I woke up about 7.30. Can't get back to sleep even I forced myself to. I'm still so tired, usually in Malaysia I woke up before 7, go to work. Working in the office doesn't require a lot of energy (but I always hungry pffft) but I do hiking after work sometimes. So in simple words, I really went out of my comfort zone in this trip. Yeah, that's why people got nervous to go travel. Especially when you are backpacking, try to live as cheapskate as possible.Eh? #ohmyenglish

My breakfast, haha my stomach kept growling that time. I was afraid other people can hear it huhu

So I just studied how to go to bus station, where to buy tickets, etc. And few friends and relatives asked me to buy something from Vietnam. Ahh I hate shopping. Especially when it's for woman/girls. Since its hard to please them.Eh? Aren't you a girl too? Haha. So I just considered to buy coffee powder for my ex-schoolmate. Since she was my bestfriend in school,and I think is the easiest order I got #ohmyenglish. Huhu. Compared to my aunt's request, she asked me to buy lacy fabric and my housemate asked me to buy Neelofa scarf. Haha its difficult to fulfill,sorry. My aunt is very picky,even her sister aka my mom think so haha.

I checked out, luckily my clothes are dry already(from the rain yesterday) so my backpack is not heavier than usual fuhh. I already screenshot the direction to Benh Tanh and Malaysia street so I just walked out from the street. The hostel is nice, but the street is not. Jalan becak sikit sebab hujan semalam. I met a pasar there, just avoid from the sellers and walk down the road. I think Vietnam is much much developed than Cambodia. Its sad actually, how 4 years of destruction can do to the country. Hmm.

I walked about 1 km and confused already haha. I found a travel agent office and asked about ticket to PP. I read that in Ho Chi Minh the travel agent didn't sell tickets for higher price like in other place. So just choose one along the Pham Ngu Lao road. Oh forgot to mention, my hostel, Saigon Backpackers@Pham Ngu Lao. Its close to everything so yeah, I made a good option here huhu. I bought the ticket, its only $10 (compared with yesterday,its $15 and the bus condition is pretty much the same). I got a free mineral water here.

Then I think I just took moto taxi there. The street called Malaysian street, but its official name is Nguyen An Ninh Street. So I mention Nguyen An Ninh and the moto happily took me there. Fuh I hope its not like in PP, I hate being cheated. Paid $1, I think its better to pay than trying to cross the roads. Huhu.

I asked around about the coffee, but no shop has the brand "Pho". So I choose to sit down and have my lunch first while Whatsapp my friend (luckily they have wifi) to ask if she's okay if I buy another brand. I found many Malaysian here, and halal restaurants everywhere. The shop keepers can speak Malay too. I had nasi lemak at Halal Amin Shop, good taste but different with Malaysia nasi lemak,especially from the colour huhu.

I bought two coffee packs for RM24. And went to other shop to purchase another pack for RM12 too. Since I have few Ringgits in my purse, I went to buy the famous Vietnamese ice coffee. Its $1 but if you have Ringgit, its only RM3. So which one is better choice huh? Hehe. I took another moto taxi to go back to the bus company. Costs me another $1. The ice coffee is nice, and didn't cause me to visit toilet often like what other coffee do to me. I didn't finish it yet when the bus operator came pick me up. We went to bus station by van, she told me to sit at the back but its full already, and there are all guys there.  Me with large backpack and ice coffee is hmmm. I noticed few smiling handsome young men there too, hahahahaha. Aha, finally I meet some eye candy.

Bus Station, its the local bus

Lots of motorcycles

I bought ticket to Poipet too at the agency

Approaching the border...

The border-Moc Bai/Bavet.

The bus operator filled in for me haha, where's my name? 

This immigration process is quite easy, no long queue compared to Thai and Laos. But we need to take long time waiting because of some handsome passengers' visa issue. Luckily he's handsome hahahaha.

In Cambodia, I think the bus stop every 2 hours. Obviously I can't eat their food so I just look around or play with phone. I think my eye candy is awesome, he likes to try everything haha #sempatlagiusyar

We reached in PP about 9pm more or less. I went to toilet first. Good ice coffee, I didn't even need to go to washroom for more than 6 hours. I came out from the office, its raining, so I asked one tuktuk in front of the office to take me to the Mekong Express bus company in Sisowath Quay. He told me there are already 2 persons asked him but since we are going the same direction he think we can go together. His English is good so I have some chitchat with him. He said there is a festival tomorrow, they will give offerings in temples. Thats why there are not many tuktuks around. I went to withdraw some money then, there are Maybank nearby. My eye candy came to withdraw too. He asked me if the ATM will withdraw USD or KHR. I told him, its USD and do not worry, u will get many KHR later when u get changes. He seem confused since the visa issue at the immigration.

I went back to the tuktuk driver, the eye candy friend (he's handsome too and have pleasant smile,just shorter than my eye candy huhu) was there. So tuktuk driver asked him if I can ride along, he said OK. He seems quite relaxed than his friend huhu. I don't know if he didn't encounter problems like his friend or he's just a laid-back person huhu.

While in tuktuk, the pleasant-smile (note: I'm easily attracted to guy cute smiles huhu) said sorry because they took much time. I said its ok since my bus is 11.30pm, I got plenty of time. Then he asked where I'm going, is my boyfriend in Cambodia (pffffft) etc. I didn't notice him before because of the eye candy haha, sorry. But he seems more sociable, we had a good chat in the tuktuk. They are in Indochina trip also like me, just that they started from Bangkok to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and then they planned to go to Bangkok again,Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, maybe Philippines too. When I said that I'm doing solo trip, he said nice. The eye candy seems left out this time hahaha,sorry.

The pleasant-smile said they're going to Malaysia since Malaysia has pretty beaches (I took this statement with doubtful expression hehe). So I told them if u guys came to Penang, go to National Park, you can hike along the beach and the eye candy seems interested. I guess they are beach lovers like u Maico. For me,I just love to look at the sea, but not to jump into haha. Sadly I didn't manage to get their FB or what, I'm just too shy hehe. *mood gatal on*

Oh by the way,they are from Norway. When I told them I'm going to Laos, they recommended Luang Prabang. Hmm maybe next time. Hope to see them in Penang btw hahahaha

This is in Cambodia, on my way back from Ho Chi Minh.

So they wished me good luck and I paid $2 to the tuktuk. I think the tuktuk driver scammed us, because I googled the journey beforehand, the tuktuk went another way and it takes about 20minutes to reach. Maybe because the eye candy want to go to money changer, hmm but its ok by the way huhu. I hardly found anyone to talk to here hehe.

So my bus ticket is 11.30pm and I grabbed the chance to charge my phone. I'm hungry at that time so I went to ask the counter guy. He asked me, "u want to know where is halal restaurant around here?" I asked back,"how do u know". "I know because I'm Muslim too". Ok since he's a he, so its hard to know if he's Muslim or not. He asked me if I want to go, but since its raining, I'm thinking it would be nice if there's any food delivery. So I googled but all restaurants closed already. 10.30pm, I asked him again and he offered to take me by his moto. We went around and I saw the night market I went to few days before, but all closed already. Even KFC is not 24 hours here. So sad. KFC in Cambodia is halal, not like in Krabi.

So we went back to the office where I need to wait for another 15 minutes or so before the van came. It came early,hmm. Its a VIP van, I was thinking about sleeper bed actually, but its not. Huhu. I need to sleep sopan2 since the seat space is limited. Ahhh how I'm going to tahan this???

To be continued......


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