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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Indochina Solo Trip Overland Part 3: Phnom Penh,Kemboja (Tuol Sleng Museum & Halal Restaurant)

From Part 2....


My ticket to PP

I reached PP, Capitol Guest house/Restaurant/Bus Office around 5-6pm. Few tuktuk drivers came and asked me where to go, Are you Philippines etc but I just shut my mouth and went upstairs. Haha, acting like celebrities shooing away paparazis kahkah. I was shocked at that time actually, and so tired, plus they remind me of bad memories 2 days ago in PP haha.

The receptionist lobby is at first floor, so I checked in, pay $6 for the room, and went to my room directly. Thomas already told me that the guesthouse is not that good, so I didnt expect much. As long as I have place to sleep then its OK enough. And there's wifi too haha.

But hey, there's also TV and menu! Haha, I'm so hungry and its suddenly raining outside. At first I'm thinking of calling food delivery from Wau Restaurant. But then suddenly raining, so I just decided to look through the menu and find something that I can eat.

So I chose bread with butter, hot coffee and french fries haha.

My room condition, I let the TV on while I was sleeping huhu. To avoid creepy feeling haha. Luckily they have Korean and Chinese channel, so I enjoyed my company hehe.

The only thing is, the worst thing is...

the bathroom!

Its clogged!

Luckily its not the toilet, so I can do my business comfortably. :p

Should I list the budget?

Food- 29000 riel (not sure)..about $7.5


Planned to go to Ho Chi Minh first bus in the morning, but my friend told me that Ho Chi Minh flooded! Arghhhh need to change plan! So I decided to wait until things get better. I posted in BBM group page and wait for some comments. I cannot sleep until 5@6am and at 7, phone next to my ear ringing. Its Thomas, reminding me about my bus to Ho Chi Minh. I didn't buy my ticket yet so I thought its okay. Actually they are waiting for me,so sorry. Then I can't get back to sleep so I checked FB and someone told me that its perfectly fine in Ho Chi Minh. Fuh, I will be sad if my Indochina trip not complete.

Since I cannot sleep, I think I should go somewhere in PP. I was thinking to go to Salman Guesthouse. The owner is Malaysian, and I added him on FB few weeks before my trip.
He asked me to come to his guesthouse. So I checked out and asked one tuktuk to go to the guesthouse. There's no address, I just took a screenshot of his guesthouse so that I can ask around. I showed the screenshot to the tuktuk driver and he said he knew the place. I asked him few times since he did not seem so sure when I showed him at first. But he confidently said "yeah, I know". 

Then he keep asking around. I start to feel annoyed. He asked me if I got the address or phone number. He then took my phone to show to his friends. But they stared at the picture like its a painting or something. Its just show the guesthouse name, there's no need to stare at it.

Before the stop I saw "Halal Restaurant" so I asked him to just take me there. I don't want to be trapped in that situation any longer. He seems confused when he saw the signage but I couldn't care less haha. Why they must lie, I was about to search for the address when he said I know I know,lets go. So its not my fault huhu.

Happy that I found this restaurant, I missed Malaysia food already. Especially in Penang where its called food heaven of Malaysia. Huhu. The fried rice is $2 and the teh ais is 3000 riel. So total is 11000 riel. I think the taste is there, and quite cheap,in term of USD pricing huhu. This restaurant got wifi.

Still got some time, I took another tuktuk (this is my another mistake) to go to Tuol Sleng Museum. I asked him and he said $4. I think its fair enough since its quite far. And I asked him to send me to bus office. He stopped at one agent office, and I have to pay $15 for ticket to Ho Chi Minh. Capitol bus ticket price is $10. So I asked why its expensive, he said its because of later in immigration they will ask for additional $5 too. Pfffft I don't think its true because later when I return to PP,the additional charge is not there. 

Then we went to Tuol Sleng, the driver want to wait for me. I think its not necessary since I saw many tuktuks outside of the museum. But since he insisted, I said ok. This is my BIGGEST mistake. I told him I'll go out at 1.30pm.

At the counter, it stated that if I am a student, I can show the student card and I need not to pay the entrance fee. Just pay for the $3 audio guide. Since I still got some riels, I just pay with riel, but I need to pay 12600 riel since the conversion is $1=4200 riel pffft. So I got 400riel staying in my purse now. Huhu. I'll think of it as a souvenir.

No laughing in this area

The audio guide, they have few selections of the languages. I took English since Malay not available.

the memorial monument

Souvenir shop, I skipped the second and third floor of that building huhu.

The atmosphere is like in cemetery, and yeah, there are graves there. 14 people, the last corpses found in this prison buried here.

Actually this place is my main motive to go to PP. I planned to come here on first day, but later I changed my mind because I'm afraid that the restless spirits will follow me then. Huhu.

Just simple description on this museum. You got a creepy feeling as soon as you enter. They put a warning sign "Do not laugh" and you wont need any method to control your laughter, if you are sane. Yes, there are NO REASON to laugh here, except if you are sick. The Khmer Rouge kill millions of people, his own people, to rule the country. All religions abolished during their reign, all educational institution became empty, Phnom Penh became ghost town, educated people got killed, and many other sad stories. Girls married to other unknown guys, forced to make sex if they do not want to be "re-educated". When the girls pregnant, they still need to do farming until they deliver, and eat unhealthy food like other people. Other sad story, is about Kerry Hamill. You can listen to his brothers' voice, testified about his brother's death. Kerry Hamill has been accused as a CIA agent. While he's actually is travelling around the world (this story scared me a little since I'm travelling the world too haha) and he's actually sailing from Kuala Terengganu to Bangkok and suddenly ended up in Cambodian waters. When they asked the name of CIA superiors, he couldn't answer. But after a series of torture, he gave name like Colonel Sanders (you guys know KFC right?) and his mom (he cried during testifying and made me cry too.)

There is another place called Choung Ek Killing Field,if you wanna see the remains of the corpse. But I was told that it is privately managed, so I choose not to go.

So I get back to the driver around 1.30pm, bought 1 mineral water for $1 and went to the bus company. And guess what, I need to pay $15 for the tour!!! WTH. I did not ask him to wait for me. I bargained, and still have to pay $10.5 to him. I think I can just pay him $4 and go, but when I calculated my money and I showed him that I only have this, he just grabbed it. So I couldn't do anything hmm. Wasted my $6.5. The $4 should include go to museum and to the bus office (as per confirmed beforehand).

I just forget about it and waited for my bus. Takpelah,anggap takde rezeki jelah. Being a backpacker, you can get scammed everywhere, even though you have been very careful hmmm. Its quite a lot of money, I can fill my car tank for 2 weeks use.

Businessman India kot ni, sepanjang jalan cakap kat telefon. Rasa nak suruh diam je.

Nah rupa tak semenggah I

Along the way to Vietnam, Neak Loeung Bridge

I reached Ho Chi Minh around 9.30pm, and it's raining. I took a moto taxi and he brought me to the hostel. He brought me to Saigon Backpackers but its not the correct one, I think the difference is the road name. Same case like in Phnom Penh on the first day haha. So we need to ride in the rain again, I'm so cold I'm so cold (korean song) huhu.

The room is so nice!!! But there are many people and they are sleeping. I'm tired also, so I didn't take any picture huhu. For $7 bed, I'm fully satisfied!

Budget for Day 3:

Tuktuk to Halal Restaurant-$3
Halal Restaurant-11000 riel@ $2.75
Tuktuk Tuol Sleng- $10.5
Tuol Sleng-12600 riel@$3
Bus to Vietnam-$15
Moto taxi-RM20 ($5)

Total lost: $46.25

I spent a lot on Day 3. Hmmm....

Good night....

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