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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Indochina Solo Trip Overland Part 2: Kampong Cham,Kemboja

From Part 1.....


About 10-11am, I reached Kampong Cham. No bus station also here, the bus just stopped at Sorya office. There are tuktuks waiting in front, but I ignored and just went in. Since the Guesthouse owner already offered to pick me up. Huhu, he's nice but... I'll tell u about it later.

So lepas lebih kurang 15 minit, Thomas sampai naik skuter. Sebelum tu dia ada kol aku tanya,aku sorang kan. So ok jelah. Masa tu dah panas aku rasa, fon takde tenet pulak. Bosan. Akhirnya Thomas sampai,aku pun lompat lah ke belakang, cey ayat nak stail je. Jalan nak masuk tu jalan kampung, ada lecah2 semua. 

Its not that far from the "bus station", but since the road condition,so it takes about 15minutes to reach the guesthouse. I already checked in advance using Google Maps,its only about 1.8km. Thank God I was not being cheapskate and choose to walk instead of calling Thomas. Its so hot already. 

1. Phalla Riverside

My $5 room, yeah, its the price stated at But....

I went upstairs for check-in process. I just show him my passport, he took a picture and give it back. He told me to pay during checkout. Haa here's a tips, if they asked u to pay during checkout, u better beware haha. I'll tell u later about it.*sakit hati tak aku asyik ulang ayat ni.

Thomas is Frenchman, but seriously, if he didn't tell, I'll think he's pure Cambodian. Sebijik rupa Asian. His English is so-so, my English might be better than him (Yeah I admit my English is just moderate).Macam dia cita, my divorced wife from France came, pastu aku cakap oh your ex wife, pastu dia kata oh English pun cakap ex, I ingat French je sebut ex, gitu.

We chat for a while and then I asked him for hot water.Planned to eat maggi and nescafe. I brought nescafe and milo 3 in 1 from Malaysia. Dah biasa kan breakfast minum 3 in 1, so bawak jela sikit. Pastu sambil2 bercerita sekali. Dia dah kawin dengan orang Kemboja,anak dia dok France dan kadang2 datang. Dia cakap dia tak pernah balik France sejak datang Kemboja 5tahun lepas. Sebab dia kata dah invest banyak kat sini so dah takde duit nak balik. Kesian lak aku dengar.

I think this is his niece, she can speak a little English

One thing that amazed me, his English has Cambodian slang.I was trying to scan his French accent but I cant find it.Maybe because I've never meet Frenchman before. Haha! He told me that he can speak and read Khmer. Wow. Tulisan simpul2 tu aku tengok sama je semua. Haha

He showed me the services provided by his guesthouse. I planned to rent a bicycle.Just $1 per day. But I saw tuktuk tour price is only $4 so I asked about it. Note: petrol price in Cambodia is higher than in our country huhu. 

So he said, since I'm alone,what if I take a motorcycle tour. I can see the new mosque nearby, visit Malay villages,and go to few nice temples.I thought hmm not bad. If I cycle, I might not meet those places. Sometimes its quite difficult to try and error kat tempat orang ni. So I agreed, $10 for the half day tour. Ok la, I'm willing to pay for the experience. huhu

So not too long after that, his friend came. They're having their lunch while I did some surfing. I was just thinking to get some rest when his friend came out and ready to take me.

The supir's not so friendly, I thought his English is not good. So I guess he will just take me and I cant ask anything. Then he made a few stops before went to the mosque. Ok then I know, he speaks good English. Fuh.

2. Kampong Cham town

The town

Supir aku ni tak tau la nak kata hensem ke apa, tapi dia tak rupa Kemboja yang biasa. Sebab dia putih macam omputih, dan hidung mancung terletak. Kalau dia ngaku French aku memang percaya je. Aku ada dengar dia cakap French dengan Thomas sebab dia pernah dok France 25tahun,sekola pun kat sana. Aku tak taulah dia ni kaitan camne dengan Thomas, sedara ke apa. Tapi Thomas cakap kawan. Aku musykil sebab dia selalu ada kat guesthouse tu. Maybe sedara kot ntahla. Apa yang penting pasal dia ni, ala tak tau nama. Dia mengingatkan aku pada watak Ly Math dalam I Love You Stupid hahaha. Motip betul.

3. Malay Village

Masa jalan nak pergi masjid tu aku nampak la budak2 pakai kepiah dan tudung labuh. Pergghhh sejuk perut ibu mengandung tengok. Aku pulak rasa excited macam nak balik kampung sendiri. Sampai2 tu aku tengok masjid tu macam tak siap lagi pun. Pastu takde pun tanda tempat solat wanita. So aku tanya la budak2 tu, saja la aku cakap Melayu tapi tak faham pula. So aku pergi balik pada Matt (panggil dia Matt jela senang kan). Pastu aku try lagi sekali tanya, cakap English. Sebut solat dan buat gaya sekali. Baru dorang faham dan bawak aku gi rumah ustaz. Aku macam eh eh nape bawak aku gi rumah ustaz, aku nak solat kat masjid huhu.

Sampai2 ustaz tu tanya datang seorang diri ke. Ada slang2 Kelantan sikit.

At the back is the new mosque. I'm standing in front of the ustaz's house.

Then we moved to the "jetty"...

4. Jetty- Island

See how far is it?

Many boats here

People waiting, I guess I'm the only outsider here

Ok the boat's here. Lets get ready for the adventure *adventure la sangat kan

The boat to cross the river, pay $1, supir yang bayar. It should be a bamboo bridge here, and its already in my plan to cross it. But unfortunately its wet season.So the bridge is gone already huhu. Thus we have to take the boat. Ahh this is good, I can meet real locals!

I asked this opah to smile but she didnt want to.after I showed her the picture I took,then she smile huhu.

Mini bamboo bridge we passed, jadi lah kan huhu.

See my nostrils? Hahahah


Most houses using bamboo

Pandan soy. Nice, and cheap. Here we chat a lot. I told him about drainage system in Malaysia. Even I live in Penang, big city, sometimes we got flash flood. In Cambodia, there are always flood during wet season. So they build tall houses. 

U can found this little pagoda on every house compound.

Another jetty!


Not too far actually, I think during dry season they do not need this jetty.

They cover their fruits, they dont use pesticides here

Big water jar, remind me of old days

I think he met his relatives

On my way to Malay village...

5. Malay Village in Island side
The road condition

Talllllll houses, I saw makcik2 (aunties) lepaking below the houses, I think they are gossiping while menyicah

Masjid Nurul Huda, haha special one since its using my name.


Saw another mosque

These kids look shy at first. Then they knew that I'm malay, they give salam (Assalamualaikum) to me

They are learning Quran I think, when I'm about to left I said bye bye to them. They yell back "Hello, bye" haha so cute. If they're not shy I might take picture with them

The bamboo bridge remains, they will build them again in dry season, but Matt said there are new bridge in construction, not sure if it will replace the bamboo bridge or not. I prefer the bamboo bridge more :'(

Pig carriage! Haha

From jetty we went to Nokor Wat (Temple).

6. Nokor Wat

We enter the temple through this door. Cuak at first haha. Then he asked me to walk.

Before entering, he warned me not to speak English. In other words, I cannot speak at all! Haha. If they know I'm not local, they will ask me for fee. But anyway, there are boxes where u can give donations. I didn't donate btw,dunno if it's right form Muslims to donate to temple hmm.

Kamasutra?Hehehe *evil grin

I think he's a good Bhuddist, I just do my thing since he did the same for me before at the mosque. #respecteachotherbelief

7. Phnom Pros & Srey Mountain

This is Phnom Srey. I think this is the male or female of the complex, I'm not sure. Temples also got couple haha. It has about 100 steps to go up so I just took picture and leave haha. Its hot and I'm so tired too. As u can see there are elders sit on the steps, they asked for alms.

After that we went to the female or male side, haha I'm confused, sorry. The place called Phnom Pros. This one is big place and hmm I still need to climb stairs afterwards.

Reclining Buddha

This is the stairs!

My face ugh

Finally at the top *macamlah jauh sangat

Yeahhh going home! Oh before going home I bought coconut water upstairs. I don't mind the monkeys (a lot of), I'm just too thirsty haha. Paid 2500 riel and go. I think the price is OK since I paid RM5 in Monkey Beach for it. 

Reach home and I quickly reach for the bed. My body all aches from the journey haha. Then Thomas knocked the door, asked if I'd like to join them for dinner. He assured me there's no pork for me. Since I'm too tired to go out, so I agreed.

Dinner- mushroom and egg with garlic. Kembang tekak sebenarnya, aku tak suka telur lembik2 gitu huhu. 

 Finished mine.

Thomas offered to book me ticket to Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh. To PP is $4.5 and Ho Chi Minh is $10. I said OK. I planned to take 2pm bus so I can rest and reach PP before sunset. I dont want to explore PP anymore huhu.


Its Monday morning and I'm lying on the bed haha. And its raining! Luckily yesterday the weather is just nice for me touring. Thomas came again to offer me to lunch, but I said that I'm not hungry yet. Yeah, I'm planning to eat maggi and make milo before check out.

Going back to PP by bus at 2pm...

Thomas sent me to Capitol bus office. Camnila condition jalan dia. Mekong is about 100m from the guesthouse. I took a video while riding the motorcycle and suddenly...splash! Urghhhh luckily I used SJ with its waterproof casing. And at that time I just wear a tracksuit. Pffft.

Before forgotten, here's the expenditure in Kampong Cham.

Bus ticket to Kampong Cham- $6
Tuktuk - $2.5
Pandan soy- 1000 riel
Coconut water- 2500 riel
Guesthouse- $22!---->Room-$6, tour $10,pickup and sent to bus office $2,dinner $4.
Bus ticket to PP-17000 riel @ $4.25

Total: $36 (more or less since there's riel)

Will make another entry for PP 1 night..Part 3

P/S: Pardon my english hehe, not that good but for the sake of hmmm, I hope u enjoy haha

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