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Saturday, October 25, 2014

You are too perfect.

This blog is where I express my feeling. As a therapy. I do not write to raise sympathy or to please readers. I have right to express myself didnt I? I also have right to have 1001 type of feelings. Is it wrong for me to be sad or angry? I never cried to you for help. Why you always act like you miss-know-it-all? Im always the weak type, always let others do or say anything they want because I dont like argument. Now that I looked angry,you said that I shouldnt be angry because Im the one who crying for attention and support at the first place. And now when people giving their care and support,why should I angry???!

Im sooooo curious. Just when do I ask for the support? Do I write everyday asking people to help me?To give attention to me? To sympathize me? I never forced anyone to read everything I wrote before. You can block or go away from it if you feel sick of my melancholy. I  have no problem with that. Its your right. But my sad stories are all here and in wechat status. You are not my follower in any of that,arent you?

And one more thing, do you know every little things I went through to judge me? Do you know what EXACTLY happened? Yes you can say what you want. But you dont know what you were saying. You just read what they are saying and made some judgement. I was not comfortable to talk about that topic, thats why I chose to be silent. How do you expect me to respond to your idea then?

1. Yes dear,I will do that
2. Oh, I forgot him already
3. I dont want to move on :(
4. Help me forget him!
5. Thank you my dear friends,I love you!

Number 5 is soooo correct. I never found nice friends as you guys. But if I wrote that,will I stop the topic?

I just want to avoid the topic and all Gemok story in that group. I did mention about Gemok sometimes to share something about the topic. Thats all. Hes my bestfriend and always with me during my worst time. I love him but he doesnt. Im okay with that. Its not something that can be forced. Again,my melancholy is a way I release the pain, not to make him love me. He will if he want to. And I dont want to have another love because I just dont feel like it. I will when the time comes. Its not something that can kill me if I dont.

I never judge you, I always think you are super cool. You got many talents, I somehow idolized you.

You are too perfect. Just ignore this loser. And stop this already. I already have piles of problem right now, might sound tiny for someone mighty as you.

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