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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Everything start with hope. Every morning we wake up with a hope. Hope for a good day. Every night also we sleep with a hope. For a tight sleep and for a new day tomorrow. Hope is essential.

With a positive thinking hope makes people happy. With a negative thinking hope makes people scared. Hope is everything to some people and is nothing to other people. With hope comes the energy to strive. With a hope comes tears to cry.

No one wants to be sad. No one wants to fail. But never lose hope. Bcause when you lose hope,you die.

Go back to when you little, you will find how hopeful you are. How positive you are. How cheerful you are. And get that smile again.

Be positive,Huda. You are not the most unlucky one in the world. Do things for your life,for people who loves you more than the world. Pray for happiness for people who hurts you. Forgive and forget. Every single tears you shed now,may be pearls later. Sleep tight.

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