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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today is my wedding day.

I am not obsessed with any particular number or date. My car registration number is apparently random. Spending RM300 or RM100k for plate number booking?Never in thousand years.
When I was merely in a relationship, my friend asked me. When will you get married? And I happened to answer, "12.12.12" After that I immediately checked on the calendar and found that it's Wednesday so I told myself there's no way that I can marry on that day. The dream ends.

I'm not talking about how-to-win-the-contest here since its already over (why do I mention this now), but I am highlighting the PRIZES yeah the PRIZES. This contest is about showing to the world how creative you are when it comes to love and as a reward, the magical day is yours. Haih. Wondering who's the lucky girl..-.-
I envy you.
*sorry for my 7th-grade-English.

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