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Thursday, November 22, 2012

poo poo.

ni mesej yang aku send jam 4.33 pagi tadi:
Xleh tdo..nk poo poo tp oversize. susah..
I used this word "poo poo" because so segan nak sebut benda tu dalam bahasa Melayu dengan dia. Well you know who. And actually at that moment that words just appeared from nowhere. Just trying to be cute la konon using that word. But at the same time I keep thinking the meaning of this word  actually. Because I think in Korean this is mean "kiss", not affectionate kiss. Just kiss from mother to son, ataupun yang sewaktu dengannya. So how is kiss related to my situation?hurmm.
dan reply pada mesej tersebut pada 8.57 pagi:
poo poo ape?
So I googled.
Here is the definition of poo poo by Urban Dictionary:
1.poopoo188 up, 43 down
A substance (usually brown) very much like logs that is the result of digested food. It comes out of your anus as you sit on the can. It can also come out of your anus at any other given time.
poop or shit
My poopoo is on the floor, i couldn't hold it in any longer.
by boboJul 6, 2004share this add a video

Poopoo99 up, 55 down
Something stinky, a very terrible and and inconciderate insult. It is more terrible then being a meanyhead
My friend Frederick VanShnogglehoff the IV is such a Poopoo.

Poopoo23 up, 34 down
An expression of disgust, usually accompanied with a wrinkle of the nose, expressed by young girls (and boys) who attend private schools, and also old-ish women (and men) who associate with children of the age of 5 and below.
Tends to make international people double up in laughter.
Avanti: i want that bag!
poopoooo, u chaaavvvvvvv.
Avanti looks bemused.